Benefits Available

Is this person on Medicaid?

If the deceased is on Medicaid, more than likely they will qualify for assistance from the county for cremation or burial assistance. Also, if the person is living, the funeral director is trying to find out if they want to “spend down” in order to qualify for Medicaid. If this is the case the funeral home/cremation provider needs to make the policy irrevocable. In either case Cremation Society of Colorado is able to help guide you.

Veterans Benefits

Veteran’s benefits vary depending on eligibility requirements. To initiate the benefits that may be available, you will need to supply a copy of the Veteran’s discharge papers (DD-214) to the funeral director.

Benefits Include:

  • a burial plot for veteran, spouse, and dependent children at a National Cemetery
  • a headstone or grave marker
  • a U.S. flag for burial purposes
  • military honors for the veteran
  • full military honors for military or service related death

For more information visit: Veterans Benefits Fact Sheets and Information

Social Security

Social Security pays a one-time death benefit to a surviving spouse or dependents.  We will notify Social Security on your behalf upon the death of your spouse or loved one. If you are currently receiving Social Security benefits, your payment should be adjusted automatically.

However, your circumstances may be different. For the most recent information, visit

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