Cremation—particularly direct cremation—has become more and more popular over the last few decades. If you’re someone who has recently lost a loved one, you now have many options at your fingertips. While there are many companies that offer ‘direct cremation services,’ they complicate the process with long lists of detailed options and packages, hidden fees and pushy upselling.

So, what makes Cremation Society of Colorado different?

Well, it started with recognizing a real need in our community, and transformed into a company whose mission is to remove every unwanted obstacle in the path of those who just want a simple, straightforward cremation.

The Simple Version

  1. We don’t upsell. Everything is included in one price. That means no trying to persuade you to spend more money on things you don’t need or want. And you won’t be hit with unexpected fees.
  2. We just don’t do extravagance. We don’t offer anything more than simple cremation. That means no funeral services, flowers, mementos, cards, obituaries, etc. that might add to your stress, bog you down, or make things more complicated. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have them if you want them. We just leave those details to you.
  3. We own and operate our own crematorium. Many other providers subcontract with a local crematorium. That means your loved one never leaves our care, and ensures correct identification at all times.
  4. We have over a century of experience. Cremation Society of Colorado is a part of Horan & McConaty, a local, family-ran company for over a hundred years. So we have a deep understanding of the experience of loss and how to meet the needs of families going through it.
  5. We don’t rush you. In the state of Colorado, the deceased must be embalmed or refrigerated within 24 hours. That can be pretty stressful when you’re trying to figure out what to do in the midst of loss. That’s why we offer to pick up your loved one and keep them for up to 72 hours, free of charge. And if you decide you want to go with a different company, we’ll take them there for free, too.
  6. Our process is simple and easy. If you already know that cremation is the right choice for you, you can make arrangements online in only a few minutes, freeing you up to be where you need to be. If you’d rather speak to someone, we’re happy to help you make arrangements over the phone.
  7. We give you more time. By providing a quick, simple way process, we give you back valuable time. Time to think. Time to make decisions. Time to do whatever it is you need to do. Time to be with the people you love.

A Little More About Why We’re Unique

Grief has existed since the beginning of humankind, and will continue to exist as long as we do. But the way we grieve has evolved over time. As cultures shift and technology advances, our grief rituals will continue to change as well. Cremation Society of Colorado has recognized this change in our communities, and we feel it is our responsibility to meet the needs of the families who don’t want a lavish funeral, or who can’t afford all the upgrades, or who want to have a more hands-on role in planning memorialization services.

Don’t get us wrong. Traditional funeral care still plays a very important role in our society. Funeral homes and mortuaries are extremely helpful for families who want and need the guidance and level of service that they provide. But we want to help the families who need something different. For some, all the little details they must navigate to make funeral arrangements are more of an obstacle than assistance during this time.

Other ‘direct cremation’ companies have realized this change in how people handle end-of-life care. Unfortunately, many families are met with hefty hidden costs, commission-earning funeral directors, and a never-ending list of details they must answer during one of the most stressful moments in their life, when all they want is to get this part done with so they can do what they’d rather be doing and be where they’d rather be.

We want to change that.

When we say “simple,” these are the meanings that define us, too. When we say “simple,” we mean it in the literal sense—straightforward, uncomplicated, unpretentious. No surprises, no curveballs.

This is what we strive to provide for our customers. We take care of the logistics so that you can focus on taking care of yourself, your family, and grieving healthily. We specialize in handling just one logistically complicated part of the process, which allows you to be where you actually need to be and focus the choices that matter.

Here’s a little more in depth about why Cremation Society of Colorado stands out from the other guys.

  1. First and foremost, you won’t encounter upselling tactics or hidden charges when you use our services. We simply won’t be advocating that you purchase add-ons or more expensive items (in fact, we don’t even offer those fancy upgradeable options). And you won’t be hit with unexpected fees for some necessary part of the process that you really should have been told about beforehand. All our services are described upfront, they’re all provided for one flat fee, and everything included in that is what’s needed for a truly Simple Cremation.
  2. We just don’t do extravagance. We don’t offer a bunch of extraneous accessories and services—flowers, mementos, cards, obituaries, etc.—that might add to your stress, bog you down, or make things more complicated.This doesn’t mean we don’t advocate memorializing! In fact, we strongly believe that’s an important part of a healthy grieving process. It’s that we believe that finding the right way to memorialize is up to you. And we understand that not everyone wants the bells and whistles. A growing number of people just don’t want “traditional” funeral care. We exist to serve those people. We exist to help the folks who need this process to be taken care of in a responsible and respectful way so that they can focus on next steps. We want the service we offer to be as clear and straightforward as possible.
  3. We own our own crematorium. Many other providers don’t have their own cremation facilities and must therefore subcontract with a local crematorium. That isn’t to suggest that the practice is disreputable—in fact, it can potentially reduce costs for you. But we like being able to provide the assurance that, if you call us for help, your loved one never leaves our care before, during, or after the cremation process. Fewer parties involved means fewer mistakes and reduced chances of miscommunication. We pride ourselves on rigorous identification policies and procedures, and the reason we feel confident in those procedures is that we handle the entire process in-house.
  4. Our company is part of Horan & McConaty, a local, family-ran company for over a hundred years. “Direct” cremation is sometimes (counter-intuitively!) associated with disconnection and distance from real people and community. But being part of our community, helping actual people through trying times, and contributing to our local economy are all things that matter to us. Again, “simple” is not just a synonym for “cheap,” and the fact that we offer a simple process doesn’t mean we skimp on investing in our own community.
  5. When you call us, we genuinely want to help. We know that you may be feeling distressed and that there’s a lot to process in that moment. So, if you reach out to us for help, we will pick up your loved one and keep them safe at one of our locations for free for up to 72 hours. We want to give you time to think, since we believe strongly that no one should feel rushed to make this decision. And if you change your mind about using us, that’s ok. We’ll gladly transfer your loved one to wherever you choose—also for free. The priority here is giving you the chance to figure out the way that feels right for you and your family through this process.
  6. If you already know that cremation is the right choice for you, you can make arrangements online in only a few minutes. We know that not everyone feels up to speaking to a complete stranger in the moments after a loss. And this frees you up to be where you need to be. After a loved one passes away, there are so many things demanding your attention—so many things that need to be taken care of (for more information on this topic, see our “10 Things to Do When a Loved One Dies” article). So, we want to ensure that this step can be taken care of with a minimum of stress.
  7. We give you back your valuable time. If you’ve read through points 5 and 6 above, you’ll know that one of the most important things that we can give you is time. Time to think. Time to make decisions. Time to process what has happened. Time to find meaning in your loved one’s passing in a way that makes sense to you and your family. Time to grieve. A “simple” process is more than just removing unwanted steps and complexities from your path. It’s also about stepping out of the way as soon as we can to let you continue your journey.