Simple, or direct, cremation is cremation without the full funeral home experience. It does not include embalming, visitation or a ceremony. A common misconception is that if a family chooses direct cremation for their loved one, they can’t have a ceremony. This isn’t the case. Not only can you hold a funeral, for many families, direct cremation carries with it many benefits that can help make an already difficult time a less stressful experience.

You can still have a funeral.

As we mentioned before, you can still honor your loved one with a funeral, memorial, celebration of life, or other ceremony after the cremation takes place. At Cremation Society of Colorado, families also have the option to view their loved one prior to cremation. The difference is that the company handling the cremation will not be involved in final arrangements. Many families choose direct cremation because they feel that making arrangements themselves will be more meaningful for them.

It allows you to grieve.

Making final arrangements can leave loved ones feeling stressed and overwhelmed, in addition to their grief. A simple cremation allows families time to make any final arrangements without the pressure of time, giving them room to grieve with their loved ones, to get the deceased’s affairs in order, and to create a final goodbye in a timeframe that works best for them. It also allows for out-of-town relatives and friends to schedule travel and align their schedules so that everyone can attend. A ceremony can take place weeks, months, or even years, after a death.

It can be a more affordable option.

Ultimately, the cost of final arrangements depends on whether or not a family chooses to hold a funeral or other type of ceremony, what they decide to do with the cremated remains, how simple or elaborate each of those end up being, and which cremation company a family decides to use. But for families who prefer not to hold a ceremony or keep their loved one’s remains in a columbarium, direct cremation can be considerably less expensive than burial and/or a funeral. At Cremation Society of Colorado, our price is all-inclusive. We never surprise families with additional costs.

We handle everything for you.

From providing an easy-to-use online experience (eliminating the need to make cremation arrangements in person, if families prefer), to picking up a loved one and taking them into our care, to obtaining the death certificate and cremation permit, we take care of everything. We really do want to make this process as simple as possible for a family that is experiencing loss.

If you want to learn more about simple cremation, the staff at Cremation Society of Colorado are always available to talk to you. Call us at 303-797-6888.