Born on October 17th, 1978

Departed on November 1st, 2020

Stefan Daniel Jozefkowicz was born, a twin, on October 17, 1978 in Aurora, CO to Jacek M. and Theresa A. Jozefkowicz. He attended the private Catholic St. Catherine of Siena School in Burlingame, CA where right after school, just a couple of blocks away on the gorgeous tree lined Burlingame Ave, he enjoyed going to the quirky fun Spencer’s Gifts and the deliciously decadent Copenhagen Bakery & Cafe but most of all he loved to ride the BART to explore the Bay, especially the exciting and eclectic city of San Francisco. He graduated from Cherry Creek High School in Greenwood Village, CO where he excelled in Speech and Debate as well as the Tennis team. During his Senior year he was the youngest candidate accepted into a prestigious program at a local hospital; in fact he was so bright he became the team lead on a project to develop and implement a medical coding and diagnostic system for Cord-Blood Banking. Proudly, he was accepted into and later attended the private University of Denver in Denver, CO where he majored in Accounting. Stefan was such a wonderful unique individual, a true Renaissance Man. Stefan, educated and always informed, enjoyed discussing/debating politics, economies, history and the sort with his dad and brother, Tyson. Coming from a family rich in European history and culture he was fortunate enough to travel to Europe on many occasions for holiday and to visit extended family. One of the most momentous was a gift, for his Sweet Sixteen, from his parents for he and his twin sister, Stefanie; where he visited France, instantly becoming the consummate Francophile. He had a keen eye for aesthetics; his sophisticated taste and knowledge of design were appreciated by his mom, a fellow Francophile, which he enjoyed watching HGTV with as well as assisting her in the renovation and redecorating of the family home. When he decorated his own home he loved going Antiquing, shopping and restoring pieces, including customizing an antique dining room set that he beautifully restored and reupholstered himself; so sophisticated, the silky material was a Deep Red with tasteful Golden Dragonfly accents. Stefan was a constant companion of his twin, they took advantage of living in some of the most beautiful cities on the West Coast, including Burlingame, CA, Scottsdale, AZ and Newport Beach, CA. They moved back to Greenwood Village, CO when Stefan became the proudest Uncle of his adoring nephew, Dylan Stefan Jozefkowicz. At the request of his twin sister, Stefan and his brother Tyson were in the delivery room when Dylan was born. Stefan had the privilege of cutting the umbilical cord. Coming from such a tightknit family he was very family oriented, always ready to help his twin with raising Dylan. He was patient and understanding teaching Dylan what it means to be a good person through building character, having values and convictions. He had a magical way to get Dylan to do his homework without a complaint and was always excited to help with his school projects. He was so creative and fun, he taught Dylan about gamming, their favorite was Minecraft and other video games. They often crafted, one of the most unique and impressive was a custom shield and mask to wear during Nerf dart wars. He reveled in cheering Dylan on during his Hockey games. Stefan always amazed people with what he had and could accomplish while fighting such an awful, unpredictable, uncurable disease for so long. In 1998, Stefan was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. In the last few years the disease progressed quickly ravaging his body. He fought valiantly but the disease robbed him of so many things. He never wanted to be treated differently and he never wanted to be a burden to anyone. Stefan was never a burden to anyone, especially his family. There are so many times that he should have been vocal about his suffering but again that is one tiny aspect of what made Stefan such a special person, he never wanted to ruin anyone’s day so he so often suffered in silence. Fortunately, no words were needed in the twin bond. Stefan always had his twin forever by his side to advocate, to care for and speak up for him. Stefan was the brightest, kindest, most giving, loving, caring, thoughtful and gentle human being. Stefan was the epitome of a true blessing and he will never be forgotten and he will be so greatly missed by his family and friends, especially by his twin sister and “wombmate”, Stefanie.

Stefan is survived by his parents Jacek M. and Theresa A. Jozefkowicz; his twin sister Stefanie Zofia Jozefkowicz, nephew Dylan Stefan Jozefkowicz; his brother and sister-in-law Tyson J. and Joanna “Josie” M. Marian, niece Madeleine E. Marian; his brother Jason A. Jozefkowicz, nephew and nieces Lance, Laila and Lexie Jozefkowicz; his aunt and uncle Carla M. and Mark Duey, cousins Connor, Marisa Lucia and Jacob Duey; his uncle Joseph “Joey” Mestas, cousins Savannah, Sierra and Justus Mestas; his uncle Daniel O. Mestas Jr, cousin Daniel “DJ” Mestas; his aunt Ania Jozefkowicz Tubis, cousins Matthew and Nicholas Tubis; his uncle Tomasz “Tom” Garbowski; his aunt and uncle Debbie and Fred Sears, cousins Heather and Amber Sears; his aunt Shawna “Missy” Sanclemente, cousin Cecelia; his aunt Cheryl Lynn Corser, cousin Erica; his great uncle Arthur “Art” Leeland Nash, cousin John David Nash; his great aunt Rozanne L. Barido; his maternal grandparents Daniel O. and Mary Jane Mestas; his paternal grandfather Tadeusz Stefan Jozefkowicz. He is preceded in death by his paternal grandmother Zofia Jozefkowicz; his maternal grandmother Stella S. Stokes and his beloved dog Oliver.


My Fefi~

My twin, we have been together since inception and will be together in Enlightenment, you are and will always be my other half, we are one soul, we are perfectly the yin and yang, all that I am not, my safe place, but rest now until our complete soul is reunited in Heaven, you are always in me and I in you, go explore so when we do meet again you can lead me to our next adventure…God mend our broken soul.

~Your Snooze J


You were born together, and together you shall be forevermore. You shall be together when the white wings of death scatter your days. Ay, you shall be together even in the silent memory of God. But let there be spaces in your togetherness, and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another, but make not a bond of love. Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.

-Kahlil Gibran

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