Born in Seiling, Oklahoma on July 29th, 1931

Departed on August 10th, 2020 and resided in Hudson, Colorado

    Patsy Ivalea Dobyns(Wagoner), daughter of Herman and Maye Wagoner (deceased), went to be with her parents on August 10th 2020. She was truly at peace, happy and surrounded by most all of those who loved her at some point on her journey to heaven.

    She is survived by her sister Lois Irwin (Wagoner), Granddaughter Heidi Bralish-Ober (Alex Ober), Great Great Grandson Brandon Ober, Grandson Jonathan Dobyns, Granddaughter Jenelle Dobyns, Great Granddaughter Breanna Lyon and two Great Great Grandson’s Gage and Chase, Great Grandson’s Nick Ober and Jason Ober.

    She has also survived in the Hearts of many of her nephews,nieces, cousins, her dear friends, and her tiny cat( Speckles), Sherri’s cat (Kensie) and the white cat.( her son’s cat).

    Patsy was born in Seiling Oklahoma on July 29th, 1931 she had three sisters Janice, Peggy and Lois. They moved around often with their parents due to their father’s job. Patsy would marry her husband John E Dobyns Sr and end up in Louisiana where she had Sherri L Dobyns and John E Dobyns Jr. Eventually, Patsy moved to Colorado with her children and where her parents resided. After Patsy’s children were grown, her mother and her decided to move in together. They loved going to Las Vegas, Central City, playing cards, doing puzzles and most of all spending time with family and friends. Patsy lived with her mother up to her mother’s passing.

    Patsy retired from Kraft Foods in the early 90’s where she was a manager and very successful. Patsy spent most of her time after retirement taking care of and helping to raise her grandchildren, while helping to take care of her own children that had severe medical issues.

    Patsy loved country music, chocolates, solitaire, getting her hair done and was always full of class.

    Patsy after the loss of her son and daughter would eventually move in with her Granddaughter Heidi, (grandson in law Alex) and great grandson Brandon, who would take care of her to the end of her life. Patsy would enjoy getting her nails painted by Heidi, eating dinner with Alex, Brandon and Heidi, putting puzzles together, watching the occasional drama or comedy movies, listening to country music her favorite and she even enjoyed having Heidi cut her hair (hahaha) and would tell her how good she had done, she still looked her best! She enjoyed playing games with the great great grandsons and giving them some of her chocolates.She loved feeding the animals her food, especially sharing with her tiny cat. The one thing that put a big smile on her face, was when her grandson Jonathan would call her from North Dakota or her granddaughter Jenelle would call!

    Patsy leaves the world better than she found it. She affected many lives. Always happy to help. Her selflessness is an inspiration to all who carry her in their hearts and led her through a Happy and Fulfilling life!



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