Dave T. Floyd

Born in Belvidere, IL on May 29, 1959

Departed on September 23, 2014 and resided in Northglenn, CO

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Dave, our beloved, passed away on Sept 23, 2014. He is survived by his wife, Lili, daughters, Hannah & Madison, siblings, cousins, aunts & uncles.

He was born in Belvidere, Il and graduated from Belvidere High School in 1977.

Dave's unique view of the world was revealed through his exquisite photography. Taking pictures was his biggest joy! He especially loved seeing the glow in the faces of the children he photographed.

He has touched many lives & will be greatly missed!!!!!!


Guestbook Entries

  1. Dave may not physically walk this earth but he will live on forever in your hearts and minds. I did not know know Dave, I met him only once, it was very
    obvious that he was a wonderful, good, kind, loving Man by reading all the things Madison wrote about him both before and after his passing as well as all the memories shared by his many friends and family, what a sad loss for you all. I really wish I had known this wonderful Man.
    R.I.P Dave Floyd

  2. Lisa & Alex Zietz :

    Tho we only got to hang out with your dad a few times he always made us laugh. We are so very grateful that we had the opportunity for Dave to take our family pictures last November, we will cherish them that much more. Our deepest sympathies to you and your family. R.I.P. Dave!

  3. Dee & Larry Beneda :

    Our memories of Dave go back a ways. We met him as a member of the Denver Photographic Society back in the 90’s. He served as President of our club for
    two years in 1998-99. Dave and family attended some of our back yard parties and the kids swam in the pool and we all had a good time. We especially remember
    when he was here for our 50th anniversary, arriving early to help set up things and taking pictures, etc. We have a neat picture of him and Larry presenting a
    donation check from our club to the photography class at Columbine after their tragedy. And lots of fun times remembered from club field trips, year end parties,
    photo exhibitions, and sharing our love of family and photography. He talked constantly about his love for his family and we know how much he will be missed.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love from Dee & Larry

  4. cheryl manning sands :

    Rest I peace my dear cousin. You will forever live in our hearts and soul. We only met once at a family reunion in Idaho. But I can remember it as it was yesterday. Our prayers and thoughts are with Lillian and Madison and Hannah. We love you. Until we meet again cousin.

  5. I was a high school classmate and friend of Dave’s. We chatted sometimes late at night when we couldn’t sleep. He seemed to be a night owl. We had some interesting chats. He loved life. He loved his family and friends most of all! I have good memories of his humor in high school, and him enjoying jazz band! He will be missed!! RIP, Dave, my friend. I was so looking forward to seeing you, hopefully, at our 40th class reunion, but I know you will be with us in spirit! I’m so sad you are gone, my friend. 🙁

  6. Dave was more than my Uncle; at times he filled the role of a Father, a Brother and a best friend. He was the biggest influence on my musical upbringing, my sense of humor and set an example of selflessness which I try to remind myself of everyday. He was often misunderstood by friends, co-workers and sometimes even his own family, but that is what made him unique. I will forever cherish the memories of times he and I spent together which are too numerous to mention, and I’m happy for that. It’s a loss I will never get over, but in time will learn to cope and possibly understand. I love you U.D. Visit me in my dreams sometimes to tell me how you are doing.

  7. I haven’t seen Dave in a few years, but he and the Floyds hold some of the fondest memories of my childhood. I still have a scar from your dog Hunter. I remember Dave washing it off for me and telling me not to pick at it so it wouldn’t leave a scar (I picked at it anyway haha) I loved staying the night at their house because they would take us to the crispy cream factory so we could watch the doughnuts being made. I learned how to ride a bike down the street from their house:) He was always making those dull moments a little more crazy and fun! Dave is someone I will remember forever.

  8. I was a Belvidere Buc Band High School Friend and a Good Friend- He always made things fun. I will miss this glorious Man alot. Rest in Peace My Great Friend. You are loved very much. Peace and Prayers.- Vicki

  9. Cathy & Dan Flynn :

    I first met Dave because of Lili. Then in high school we married. 🙂 (Some class we had.) Every time we ever saw each other he would introduce me as his first wife. Such a great guy. He’ll be missed by all that ever met him. Hugs, prayers and thoughts are to Lili, Hannah, and Madison, he loved you all very much. Rest in peace Dave. — Cathy (Nordman) & Dan Flynn

  10. Susan Sorensen Bartelli :

    After knowing Dave throughout my childhood and into high school, we’d lost touch until meeting up again on Facebook. I had the pleasure of seeing him on one of his more recent trips back to Illinois and we had a great conversation about life and all things important to us at this juncture. It was clear his wife, children, extended family/friends, and of course photography were all front and center in terms of priorities. I’ll miss his direct, yet thoughtful, postings and especially his great artistry as a photographer.

  11. Kathleen Crupper Hatfield :

    I have known Davd thru out are High School Year’s, He was a very genuine person to talk to and had a heart of gold. He was not only beautiful on the outside, but just as beautiful on the inside. May David RIP, and may all of the angel’s watch over him. God Bless you David, you will be missed aminsly. God Bless your soul David, and peace be with you my dear friend. Kathy Hatfield.

  12. My daddy…
    He was so much more to me than just my dad. He was my best friend, my rock, my go to for anything and everything. It was always me and him against the world.
    He used to tuck me and my sister in at night so tight, that I never wanted to move because I would mess it up. He would check for monsters in the closet and under mine and Hannah’s bed, and would do anything to make us feel safe. Then he would read The Giving Tree and he would put all his emotion into the words he took right off the paper, because they meant so much to him and he wanted my sister and I to feel that same way.
    When we would go out in public, people would have to tell us, “I don’t have bail money to get you out of jail, so behave!” My dad’s and my relationship was not understandable to most due to the inside jokes and how we just understood each other.
    I could go on forever about all my memories and stories with my dad, but the person he was, his personality, and all the people who he has had an impact on are what I will cherish the most. He was a great man to everyone he met and an amazing man to his family. Most of all, he was the world’s best daddy, and he always will be. I miss him so much and there is a pain where my heart is, but I know he is pain free and healthy right now, which puts a little ease into my aches and sorrows.
    Daddy, my Hobbs/Sourdough/Pumpkin, my best friend, I love you and I miss you so much. We will see each other again, I know it. Enjoy being with Sarah, because now she gets to enjoy her daddy…our daddy.

  13. I meet Dave though Madi freshman year of high school he was always so fun to be around he took my dad’s work photo and me and madi’s! He was a good man and great dad!

  14. Dave became a member of our family when he married my youngest sister, Lili. There were great vacations together with Dave, Lili, Hannah and Madison — Disney World, Disneyland, Santa Fe and Southern California. I loved spending time with all of them. Dave made sure I had a seat in the middle of the car when driving through the mountains because I do not do well with heights. With Dave’s photographic lens, he brought the world to my door. One of my favorite photographs is the Pacific Ocean off La Jolla. It always hangs on a west wall so I can imagine seeing the ocean from my window. Now Dave has a bird’s eye view of the world. Peace, man! You will be missed by all the people that you touched with your humor.

  15. Dave, my husband for 36 years, we have been through a lot of stages of life together, through thick & thin! Seeing the best parts of you, activated the best of me. Your passion & love for your family, for your music, & especially your photography, made you such a unique & loving soul.
    I loved your humor & your earthly spirituality. I appreciated your faithfulness to me & always supporting me to fulfill my dreams. I’m glad you found Sarah. You & her together will be my team of spiritual support. I love You!!!!

  16. Daddy,
    You were always there for me, through thick and thin (even though there was a lot of those thin moments), through the good and bad, and through every moment of my life. We had a great start, a rough middle, and an effing fantastic end, and I wouldn’t change anything about it. I will miss calling you every night and talking about what happened during the day, or to complain about the silly things going on in my life, or to even discuss a TV show we watched together ( and when i say discuss, I mean yell or cuss or cry about what the heck was going on). You supported mostly every decision I made and helped me come to light with what I want in life. I will always remember that. With everything I do, I will do for you. Especially dance; Dance has a special meaning to it now. That was our thing. You were there for me every day, watching me, and helping me, and inspiring me. You were so proud of me, and that made me so happy. Knowing you got to take pictures (something you loved) of me dancing (something I loved) will be something I cherish forever. I am missing you so much, and you are missing from me. Thank you for everything you have done for me, Madi, and mama. I can’t express how much you mean to me and how much I love you and am going to miss you. So I will end this with one quote,

    “Some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80. It’s not the time that matters, it’s the person.”

    And you have definitely lived.
    Raggedy man, goodnight.

  17. Bonnie Randall :

    My best, most recent memory of Dave was his visit to Illinois. We cruised for miles listening to our favorite music, conversing, and of course, taking photos. It was that visit that made me truly realize what a great father and husband Dave was. Great Job Dave! Thanks for the memories.

  18. I was lucky enough to work with Dave. Although we only shared a few years, we managed to pack so much into that time together. We talked about everything under the sun but always came back to our passions: music, art and family. And that is how I will always remember him. And that wonderful laugh!
    Rest in peace my friend.

  19. Dave came to visit us twice and both times I failed the “hostess of the year” award. He stopped at our place in North Carolina shortly after my daughter (and our cats) moved there on his way to a family event in another state. I had no idea he was allergic to cats and by night his allergies were so bad that I had to take him to the emergency room. So much for hospitality. Then on another visit years later, his asthma kicked in because of the cats (guess we didn’t learn the first time) and a new mattress that had strong foam rubber smells which triggered a bad asthma attack. He didn’t need to go to the emergency room, he slept in his car for the night. Not a five-star stay to say the least. So sorry, Dave!

  20. Marla Sue Hoffman :

    Rest in peace dear friend. Thanks for all the great memories I will always carry with me. When we meet again you have to tell me how you always knew when Lili was in my office.

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