Born in Arlington Heights, Illinios on May 19th, 1975

Departed on July 18th, 2020 and resided in Longmont, Colorado

    Brian Weed has left the planet. You may have seen a flash of light as he departed, because he only wore neon yellow shirts. Please raise a 32 ounce Big Gulp of Mountain Dew (his favorite soft soft drink) to honor his life and his irreverent sense of humor.

    Addiction stinks y’all. Brian was only 45 when he died of cirrhosis. But he was a good person who lived a full life, and we, (sisters Erin, Lisa, and brother Andrew) would like to take this opportunity to throw some final jabs. (We’re so gonna get haunted for this…)

    Brian was born to Wyman and JoAnne Weed in Illinois on May 19, 1975. His birth went down in the middle of a tornado warning. Mom’s ribs were broken trying to push him out.

    Soooo, yeah. Rough entry.

    Brian faced challenges ever since he was little but he still managed to bring smiles to many faces during his time here.  A man of polarities, he could write an epic complaint letter, yet soften the hardest hearts with his hyper-politeness.

    Have you see that Netflix show The floor is Lava ? Well, Brian was the OG director back in the 80’s. Our family room furniture as rampaged on the regular, under Brian’s meticulous reign. We feared missing the landing on the fatefully placed couch cushion, and meeting our demise in a burning sea of rust colored shag carpet.

    Brian adored all dogs. Dora and Dolly (our parent’s dogs) rarely left his side during hospice. Brian madly loved his dog Mika, whom he adopted from the Longmont Humane Society. His favorite TV show as Pitbulls and Parolees, a show about formerly incarcerated people who become dog trainers. He said the show “always made him cry”.

    We imagine Brian is now overseeing the Rainbow Bridge, slinging treats to our ridiculously large population of deceased pets. No, seriously, we had so many animals growing up that our friends referred to our childhood home as Jumanji.

    We’re so glad Brian is now reunited with: Sadie, Puffer, Measles, Bentley, Walter, Pigeon, Inky, Smokey, Iggy, Frannie, Hazel, Maggie, Sylvester, Gonzo…this list goes on.

    Brian was a dedicated distance swimmer as a teen. He was an Eagle Scout and hard worker – everything from selling retail to delivering newspapers to waiting tables. He attended Northern Illinois University for college and joined Delta Sigma Phi. He ultimately graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Sociology.

    Later in adulthood, mental illness and alcoholism became an issue. At one point, he chose to live on the streets – first Chicago, then Boulder. Brian had a sense of humor about it, but it was a hard lifestyle – and he became paranoid that people were stealing his stuff. Below is what he wrote on Dad’s ladder, I guess to prevent theft? We are still laughing about this.

    Stolen from Wyman

    Colorado provided Brian with psychiatric treatment, a social worker and an apartment at The Suites in Longmont. We will forever be grateful for all their help.

    In the end, he died peacefully with a home, true friends, a family who loved him and a dog he adored. Before he passed, we assured Brian that we unconditionally loved him, exactly as he was. his response to this, you wonder?


    He couldn’t believe we could love him in that state. Come on, man!  We’re all flawed and bruised by life. We all have pain and many people are addicted to something. But everyone is worth loving, and we’re all perfect as we are. No joke.

    In conclusion, here are our Jerry Springer Final Thoughts on the wildly interesting, questionable and chaotic Life of Brian Weed.

    Erin gushes, “You rocked a rat-tail hairstyle like no other”.

    Lisa confesses, “I threw out your brown sandals because they smelled so bad, and then pretended they were lost so you had to buy new ones”.

    Andrew declares, “You had small nipples”.

    We hope there is an Easy Street Pub awaiting you in heaven that plays the Cubs Championship Game on repeat and blasts your favorite song – Funky Funky Christmas by New Kids on the Block.

    We will miss you dearly.


    Your family (aka The Griswolds)

    Dad, Mom, Erin, James, Miles, Phoebe, Lisa Mike, Haylee, Andrew, Emily, and Jackson


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