Adelheid (Heidi) Clayton

Born on February 7, 1941

Departed on February 28, 2019 and resided in Denver, CO

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Clayton, Adelheid (Heidi)

Feb. 7, 1941 Germany - Feb. 28, 2019 Colorado

"You catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar." - Heidi

"You may not be able to change the world, but you can damn sure give it a hotfoot every now and then." - Heidi

Depending on who you were at the time, you may know Heidi by the honey or by the hotfoot. As an immigrant, she saw value in everybody, and may have been proudest of being blue collar and a woman making it in a man's world. She appreciated the people who make the trains run on time, and to them she doled out the honey, but if you were a mile wide and an inch deep and thought a title made you important, you eventually got the hotfoot. She loved letting the "little" person know how great she thought they were, because she was one and she was pretty awesome too, but she also enjoyed popping ego balloons of people who got too full of themselves.  She delighted in telling stories of either experience.

Heidi's faith was simple. She needed God to live her life, she had to experience that Goodness just to get by, and she appreciated the help she got along the way. She attracted grace, and passed grace along. If you're reading this you were a conduit of that grace flowing to her. You were the meaning in her life. Thank you.

Her passing is not a sad thing, though it may make us sad. Heidi's story is a triumphant story, written in the simple things of life that matter the most.

She leaves behind all of us, and was preceded into what's next by a bunch of us.

We will update this obit, but we want your input. One perspective of another's life is far too narrow a slice. So any wishes or stories, we'd love to hear them! Heidi's granddaughter is collecting them, you can email to, or put them on her Facebook, as some already are. We'll do our best to create something neat that you can access right here. We thank you!

At this time we want to thank everybody at Mapleton Care Center, which truly is a special place. It's not a profit machine, it's more like a love machine. Caring for Heidi's body is HARD work (just ask Heidi), and you all did so much more than that. Like Heidi, we stand amazed that life could be so good as to bless our family with the people of Mapleton. We could not recommend a better place if the need comes.

And the Cremation Society of Colorado has been terrific, thank you Hailey!

Many more thanks to come when we update.

Guestbook Entries

  1. Lisa Walker :

    Love you so much Aunt Heidi. You are the reason I became an OT. So many stories that will continue to flow and be cherished !

  2. Lori LaFleur-Everson :

    I will forever remember all the smiles she put on my face. The stories we all get to share. The outlook she had on life is one that makes me smile and say “Not bad for an ol broad”

  3. Robert J walker :

    Thank you for making our wedding day extra special by Crocheting 🧶 Lisa’s wedding dress. Enjoyed your visits to Seattle and the road trips. Singing with Willy and the Gang. On the Road again.

  4. Daniel L Southwick :

    I worked at RTD in the warehouse and Heidi was always so helpful to me showing me ways to make my job better. I would often go to her office and listen to her stories of life and the simple things. I will always remember her! My deepest sympathies to the family God Bless

  5. David Clayton :

    Hi Mom!
    I know that whatever you are that popped up in time in that body that slipped through the cracks in Quality Control, THAT thing that really is you is not gone.

    I’ve asked for some of your strengths, since you’re not using them here anymore.

    That ability to say “I can’t believe life could be this good” is one of them. Casey found a trinket in your room she’s bringing to me. It says “To blessed to be stressed.”

    That’s you. Focusing on the good.

    I’m gonna put it on a prayer table, along with a little prayer tree made of beads that was made by a woman who lost her son to addiction. She personalized it for me.

    So every day when I go to that table you remind me to not buy in to the negativity and let that good energy just flow on through, like you worked at doing.

    Deal? Deal.

    I don’t know how this consciousness thing works, but while yours was still tied to that body, God was working things out, as always. Very serendipitous.

    Your memorial service was the loving people of Mapleton stopping in to see you and express their love for you, while you lingered and after you escaped. The rest is mostly digital.

    You know the Denver Post charges almost $200 for two lines of obit? I was going to use one line to make fun of the post, figured you’d appreciate that, but Jack was the better man and talked me out of it, and paid for it.

    It’s a great thing for a child to sit in a dying parent’s room and have people who were once strangers come in and say how much they loved you. Thanks for that gift.

    So this isn’t goodbye, this is just me checking in. Only the most visible, most limited part of our walk together has ended. I’m counting on you to pull some strings for me now, help keep me on my P’s and Q’s and help clarify some things.

    And to remind me every day to make the journey with love, hope, and gratitude.

    I think that’s some of the legacy you left.

    Oh, and $25, which went toward appreciation snacks for the good people at Mapleton.

    But you already knew that!

    Love ya Mom!

    Kleine Heidi

  6. My deepest condolences to the friends and family of Heidi. May your treasured memories bring you joy, and may ‘the God of all comfort’ give you strength, along with a measure of peace for your grieving hearts at this most difficult time.
    2 Corinthians 1:3


    To Heidi a loving person who opened her home and heart to other people’s children in there time of need.
    Your loving foster kid.

  8. joe cavender :

    worked around heidi for many years she was such a great person.

  9. Caroline R. Bain :

    Heidi was a joy and delight when she came to Bear Valley Church and was in the Covenant Class. She ALWAYS had a huge smile and would say, “I’m so Blessed” and she truly meant it. We all loved Heidi and missed her so much when she went into the Nursing Home. I think I only saw her once when she didn’t have her smile, she was sick and went into the hospital that afternoon. Her nails were always done so beautiful and she was proud to say, “my Granddaughter does them for me”. You sure have been a wonderful Granddaughter and she loved you so much. Know Heidi has left a big hole in your family.

  10. Heidi was a joy and a spit fire, she was always so strong and encouraging. We loved her and know now she has the body transplant she wanted and she is now in heaven praising the Lord and encouraging all those she comes into contact with. She had a way of making you smile and she was a true delight to Mapleton the staff as well as other residents.

  11. Casey Saylor :

    Hi Grandma,

    Ya know, I feel like one of the luckiest kids around! Growing up, I never saw you as handicapped, disabled , unable or incapable of doing things… You know why? Because you didn’t see yourself that way and you never allowed those little hiccups in life set you back. You always moved forward.

    Now that I’m older, I notice myself being impatient with people who complain about their body parts hurting, falling apart, and how they can’t do things…but then I remember, you chose to have a positive attitude despite the hiccups…. And you’d love those complaining people anyways!

    You remind me to smile, hold my tongue when necessary, love the people who are sometimes hard to love, and to speak truth when truth is needed. You’ve taught me to be strong by persevering and never to label or doubt myself.

    Thanks for being my girlfriend – our “ladies days”. Those times when I was younger, going to the Athletic Club to swim, eating at a fancier place for lunch, letting me order mash potatoes or mac n’ cheese, ice cream and taking the bus up and down 16th Street Mall. I also remember going to the Carmody Rec Center to swim. That was always fun too!

    Sitting on the patio furniture, hanging out in the backyard with you and Cleo. Planting tulips with you in the front yard. Stealing your nail polish…
    Even having to drown out your loud German music since my room was next to yours! 😉 I was never allowed to touch your Bose sound system.
    Mom and I playing pranks by putting plastic spiders in your sandwich… or sprinkling cayenne pepper in your lunch. Using the remote control to change or mute your TV from the other room. A few times I strung a spider to drop on you while sleeping. I had fishing line all over your bedroom… I never did get you with that one! Thanks for always being a good sport and all the laughs.

    Lots of fun memories with you over the years. If there is anything I physically miss, is what we called “scrugs” – hugging and scratching each others back! You always gave the best scrug, as you always had those long talons… I mean nails. HA!

    Thanks for always expressing gratitude. I never had to question if you loved me or how much you loved me. You always took the opportunity to tell Christian (BooBoo) and I how much you loved us and appreciated us.

    Thanks for being one heck of a person and one amazing grandma!

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