Forms Library

We are committed to providing convenient services to the families we serve. In some cases, a form is needed to be completed as required by the State of Colorado. Not every form is required, but we list each one here for the convenience of the families we serve. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Cremation Authorization
This form is completed to provide the legal authority for us to conduct the cremation. The State of Colorado requires authorization prior to cremation and must be completed by the legally authorized person. We will help you to ensure it is completed correctly.

Release of Decedent (Hospital, Coroner, etc.)
In the event of a death at a hospital, nursing home, etc. it is often required to complete this form so we are able to take your loved one into our care. This is to protect the security of the process and ensure your loved one is being released to us in accordance to your wishes.

Death Certificate Information Form
In order to receive a certified death certificate from the State of Colorado, all information needed must be submitted to the state to receive certified death certificates. Your funeral director can give you more detailed information regarding the need for death certificates.

Completing Paperwork
Once your selections are complete you can expedite the planning process by completing paperwork online.
If a death has occurred.
If a death has not occurred, but is imminent.

General Price List
We offer simple pricing, with no hidden fees. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like additional information.

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